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Teach Meet SP7 is back again. To book a free seat click this

Teach Meet SP7

A Teach Meet is a free and informative way to get hold of some new ideas. The plan is to run a series of short 7-minute presentations and the theme this year is ‘connectivism’. We will take a look at the top 5 pedagogical ideas from education in 2017 and look ahead to the top 5 predicted trends of 2018. We aim to merge ideas that worked with ideas that might be worth exploring with learning being the connection.

There will be 10 x 7-minute presentations

Past (evidence-based practitioner-led ideas from 2017)

Solo Taxonomy

Flipped Learning


Google Classroom

Blended Learning

Future (the 5 big educational trends predicted for 2018 and beyond)

Collaborative Learning

Digital Literacy

Brain-based learning

Genius Hour


Keynote: Connectivism – seeing learning as a connected process

New Event

TeachMeet for History teachers on the 23rd June at Poole High School we’ve got 12 workshops and almost 100 teachers signed up to attend

To sign up click this link Events