Hipster Alex


I am Alex, I’m 38 years young, a father of three and a husband of one (my better half, Laura).

I spent my teenage years chasing that ever elusive wave within, planning surf trips, playing music and jumping the fence at Glastonbury when you still could. I try hard to maintain an eternal optimism, still surf and travel as much as I can, I’m always planning the next adventure, it’s just now the hairs are a little grayer!

I have spent the past 16 years navigating the educational landscape, following the trends and exploring ideas worth sharing. I teach PE and come from an interdisciplinary background. My passion lies in teaching and learning. I feel privileged to be a teacher and enjoy working with people who haven’t made their minds up yet.

We are fortunate to live in a time where ideas are the currency of the 21st century. I’m passionate about sharing ideas with fellow educators and making a difference, I would like this project to be a canvas to turn today’s ideas into tomorrow’s reality.

Stay young, Alex


Hipster Nige


Hello from a man old enough to remember the arrival of hipsters – those trousers cut to fall just off your hips in a devastatingly cool way.   I recall thinking of myself as a true hipster back then, so I bought my copy of Sticky Fingers and transitioned out of my teenagehood on a psychology degree course at Swansea.  Since then it has been all about family life with four children, married to a teacher (the saintly Jane) and being one for 16 years in secondary schools and an educational psychologist for a further 20 years variously in Somerset and Lewisham.  I taught maths, English, and psychology in 6 different schools, and over the years I have worked as the named psychologist in around 50 different primary and secondary schools.

I estimate that I have watched hundreds of teachers in their classrooms doing the amazing and brilliant things that teachers do.  From this, I would say that there is no more potent factor in student success than the intelligent and thoughtful use by teachers of that which they have learned from experience.  The most gifted and wonderful of teachers are often the longer standing members of staff who are wealthy in that way.  At the same time teachers new to the profession often roll up with some great ideas, up to date and cutting edge.  It all needs sharing, and that is where this blog comes into it. So scan through the blog, find something tempting, have a go, share your thoughts, look again – in an endless pursuit of betterment and happiness in the classroom. That is the way of the hipster!  As the wonderful Alex would say, and as I used to in the sixties – peace out!



Guest Hipsters …


Joe Burkmar 

I have been a Teacher of PE at Poole High School for 7 Years. I have always been interested in making my lessons as active as possible and am a huge fan of Flipped Learning and SOLO Taxonomy. I am a magpie on Twitter and plan a yearly Teachmeet at Poole High. In my spare time I try to play as much as possible, but after becoming a Dad 6 months ago, the amount of playing time (and sleeping time) has reduced significantly.

Andrew Currie


I am Andrew and I have taught at Fulbridge Academy for the last ten years (wow, where did that go?). More recently I have combined my class teaching role with that of Director of Teach East SCITT: a small, but innovative and aspirational School-Centered Teacher Training provider. I am passionate about educational research and love listening and stealing the best of ideas from the many inspiring teachers on edutwitter. In my spare time, when I manage to carve some out, I enjoy reading, eating out with friends and family and long dog walks. Any views expressed in my blogs are the product of my own meandering, muddled, mile-a-minute mind and not representative of any organisation daft enough to employ me!


Adele André


I am Adele, 29 years old and a Teacher at Highcliffe School in Dorset. I love all things to do with teaching and learning and was made a Lead Practitioner last year in charge of promoting Critical Thinking within the school. Being part of a new teaching and learning team we are working hard to embed all the latest theories and best practice out there within the school. Having studied Law at University, my degree has led me to teach a range of subjects including all the Humanities, Psychology, Sociology, Law and Citizenship. I now predominantly teach Sociology A-Level and have more recently become an EPQ supervisor.

My spare time is mostly focused around my three-year-old daughter who is looking forward to being promoted to big sister at the end of November!

Always happy to discuss teaching and learning ideas – please send any questions my way!