About our blog

We are the educational hipsters, ever evolving, moving with the trends and keeping up to date.  We welcome fellow bloggers from the world of education to contribute ideas, inspirations and insights.  We hope to be a resonant voice locally, nationally, and who knows: perhaps beyond.

Educators are a world wide professional community in which ideas are continually created by brilliant and idealistic people: teachers.  It matters not whether they are big ideas or small ideas if they are good ideas. We believe that it is a pity to keep ideas at home.  We say, let them travel!

A blog is a platform from which ideas can catch the train of sustained conversation to the collective educational space of the world’s classrooms and find new life in other people’s hands.  So please participate:  bring your ideas to the blog, and/or elaborate on or give further substance to the ideas that are already here.  Scan through, find ideas you like, try them out, give some feedback.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Keep on rockin’ in the freeworld!

Alex and Nigel


Alex More


Nigel Armitstead


We welcome contributing bloggers to share ideas and adhere to our 4 beliefs;

Relevance & Orginality– we love original ideas that are relevant and spark an interest.

Good Mannered – in keeping with our blog style, well written and sharable with other likeminded souls.

Well Communicated  – written in the style of a blog with a nod to the associated research and supporting literature.

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