Future Classroom Live Launch

By Alex More

On Wednesday 7th of October the Future Classroom project opened it’s doors via YouTube live. If you missed the live launch, check it out here:

YouTube Live Launch

The event was well attended, well received and the praise for our project has been flooding in which is amazing. Thank you to our sponsors Epson, CatchBox, Gratnells, SatComs Innovation and Biotecture.

This is phase 1 of the project. In the video above, I discuss the inspiration for the project, we take a look at a live lesson and interview some of the teachers and students involved in the learning.

For hear fro our sponsors, check out this video

A word from our sponsors

After the event, we received some amazing feedback and many more questions which I will share and attempt to answer in a future blog.

Praise for the Project

Just wanted to say well done for such a professional and interesting launch of the future classroom yesterday – it was really impressive and you both did a great job. I’m looking forward to using the room, it really is an amazing resource. Teacher, Shaftesbury School

Congrats to you and Olly on a very well put together launch video. Quite a few of us watched it here and we all thought it was really good. I’ll be showing it to a few more people here in the coming weeks I suspect as it was great to see you and the pupils using the projector and the mozaik software. So often at Epson we view the projector as a ‘product’ – so it was great to see it being applied and brought to life in the classroom environment. The kids were great too! Epson UK

I have just watched, with my daughter, the live presentation of the virtual classroom. Wow! It looks incredible and what a great asset for the school and the students to have. I think that this will really engage all students and will make a huge difference to their attitude to learning. The benefits they will get from the classroom can only help them all in their future learning.She is very excited about using the classroom and also in getting involved in the STEAM project.Thanks to all the staff who made this possible. Parent of a Year 8 student

I have just finished watching this. A massive well done. This is really progressive and clearly lots of hard work has gone into producing this. Vice Principal, Shaftesbury School

Well done to the team.  This was really well put together.  Very inspiring and the students were all great. Vice Principal, Shaftesbury School

The launch was great! Well done! I’ll look to share the link widely for anyone that missed it. Press Officer, SAST.

I Just wanted to say we used the future classroom tonight for Yr11 Computing revision. It was the carrot that helped raise our numbers.
The catch box was perfect and the ability to utilize multiple white boards really helped when looking at comparisons. I hope to get in there and use some more tech soon but ultimately the space on its own was a real hit for the students.
Head of Computing, Shaftesbury School

Dear Alex, I thought you would like to know that one of my tutor student (Year 12-13) told me about his lesson in the Future Classroom. At the end of the chat he said: I 100% recommend it!! It is much better than a “normal lesson”. Well done for doing it!! It is a lot of effort!! MFL Teacher

Alex, I hate you! (not really) So my planned productive morning has been spent wandering down the rabbit hole, folowing your links and generally reading fascinating posts and ideas that makes me want to scrap and rebuild the majority of my SOWs. Thankyou for sharing – I look forward to experimenting this year and exploring the future classroom.

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