ECOT – Lesson 1

Last week the Experimental Class of Tomorrow (ECOT) went live. It was great to see the ideas I have been working on for so long in my head find new life in the hands and minds of the learners. I have been pleasantly surprised how much interest there is in this project from all corners of the globe.

Before we get into the lesson itself, here is a brief video explaining the inspiration behind the ECOT concept.

For this lesson, I used Model A lesson format which I discussed in my last blog

The first 27 minutes was used to embed content as this was the first time I had ever seen the ECOT class. The students volunteered to become the ECOT class and consisted of 28 STEAM ambassadors from a range of projects. I have created a video to illustrate the key moments in the learning.

The video below is a condensed 13 minute version of a 60-minute lesson with explanations of the 27-minute Model A approach to learning.

I was pleased how well the lesson was received. There was a real buzz in the room as students worked collaboratively to design their future foods. The follow up to this lesson will involve students cooking their product in our professional kitchen.

Copy of slides I used for the lesson:

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